Privacy Is Not Up For Debate

  • Defeating Anti-Privacy Laws 

    Raise Awareness

    We have interviewed hundreds of individuals about the ISP Browser History Law. Across the board, this law makes people upset. We don't need to convince anyone that the law is bad, we just need to let them know it exists.


    Congress Web History accomplishes that goal. It shows the shortfalls of data "anonymization," the potential for abuse that comes with the ISPs' power, and besides, don't you want to know what Congress is looking at while on the job?

    Protect Yourself

    This law, and this battle, are unique. If Ajit Pai decides to slaughter Net Neutrality, there's not much you can do to avoid price increases. If Congress passes a law forcing companies to put encryption backdoors in all their software, then the world has become just that much more unsafe.


    However, you can take steps to not only protect yourself from the ISPs, but to make this law worthless. How? By opting your data out. 

    Our opt out tool protects you in three ways:


    1. It opts your data out quickly and efficiently. We have over 5 years of experience dealing with predatory wireless contracts, and we know what it takes to engage ISPs with strong, legally binding demand letters.


    2. We continually monitor ISPs for signs of data abuse and notify you when there is evidence your data may be at risk. ISPs have a dubious history of following the law already, and there is a good chance that they will try to undermine your opt out whenever they can.


    3.Half of all the money we raise goes to a legal fund. When we find that ISPs have violated your privacy(and there is a good chance they'll try), we will bankroll your civil suit.

    Change the Law

    2018 is fast approaching, and we will once again be able to exercise our voice on issues we care about. And Speak Together will be ready.

  • The Sinister Side of Data Collection

    You, along with many others, may feel that, although you support the idea of internet privacy philosophically, you aren't too concerned if advertisers get your data in bulk so that they can deliver ads your will enjoy more. This is a reasonable position to have.


    However, the risks to your privacy go far deeper than advertisers. Many companies collect and package your data, including searches, browser history, and potentially bank info, and the resell that data. Not only is their data often incomplete and outdated, but their clients can include health insurance providers, credit agencies, and financial institutions.


    Fundamentally, the data your ISP is throwing around could cost you your health insurance, a mortgage approval, or in extreme cases, your ability to find employment.

  • The Fight for Privacy is Here

    With the passage of the new ISP Data Privacy Law, our personal data is now up for grabs. This isn't the first time ISPs have tried to leverage our personal information for financial gain. This also won't be the first time they have been stopped. Speak, and its partner organization Veeto, have built an engine that can fight this law until it is repealed.


    We have the tools, we just need to wield them.

  • Support the Fight for Privacy

    We can't do it alone. Your contributions will help bring to life software and technology to fight for, and protect, your privacy, both online and offline.

  • Make Your Voice Heard